Key Tools for Effective Collection Results by Richard Tamburello, Managing Director, URS Billing Services, LLC

All communications with responsible parties owing delinquent balances must be positive.  Never make collection or follow-up telephone calls using abusive or insulting words. The key to improving self-pay collections and maintaining a positive image for the practice or hospital practice, are first explaining to all patients the practice’s payment and collection policies; collection communications should always focus on motivating patients to pay delinquent balances, not antagonize.  Make sure that all policies are acknowledged by both guarantor and the practice.
Responding in spirited and positives tones to patient inquiries is another key element to elevating the prospects of receiving payments from patients.  Staff members need to convey to all patient inquiries the willingness and understanding of circumstances surrounding financial problems some patients might have with paying the balance.  The results can be quite positive.