The Importance of Conducting Insurance Follow-Up by Richard L. Tamburello

Insurance follow-up is a billing function for ensuring optimal revenues, minimizing bad debts, reducing patient complaints and accelerating revenue cycles. Over the past 15 years, I have conducted numerous A/R analyses for various-sized medical practices and have found this key aspect is often overlooked. In some cases unpaid claims are re-filed without determining and correcting the cause of denial resulting in an endless cycle of rejections. When the watchful eye of the doctor or administrator is omitted from this vital task, valid charges are written off.    

How does a physician or practice manager know when denied claims are promptly addressed, corrected and re-filed?

I recommend the following method: 
  •    Run a 'Total A/R Aging Report' using the parameter 'Date of Service'
  •    Do not run reports showing 'Insurance Re-billing or Billing Dates'
  •    Generate a 'Patient Balances A/R Report' using the same parameter 'Date of Service' 
  •    Subtract Patient Balances A/R data from the 'Total A/R Report' and it will provide accurate data on unpaid insurance charges
These reports should be run twice a month and provide information as to which insurance companies and patient charges are not meeting timely adjudication.

Tell Us: How often do you conduct insurance follow-up? Is it on your top priority list? 

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Who Moved My Cheese? by Lauryn E. Tamburello

In college, one of my professors instructed our class to read the motivational piece, “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. Its purpose was to invigorate the class into thinking about the concept of 'change'. The book’s theme focused on learning and understanding the benefits of being proactive, accepting change, getting excited about change and more importantly, not accepting change could seriously jeopardize the future success of any business.
The reason for me highlighting this book is to urge those who are hesitant, reluctant to change and fearful of losing control through outsourcing should keep in mind `change’ is necessary to preparing and experiencing ongoing success. Here are a few reasons why many medical practices hesitate to outsource certain aspects of their businesses:
-          Is the work getting done?
-          Is the billing company’s staff really concerned about my revenues?
-          Is the billing company looking out for my reimbursements?
YES! YES! and YES!
URS Billing Services, LLC is the fiduciary agent for its customers. It is incumbent upon us to complete all of our assigned billing responsibilities, including filing charges within 24 hours of receipt and matching procedure code reimbursements according to existing insurance contracts.
Financial Benefits

URS' financial benefits can be summed up in two words: Cost Efficient
Now is the time to evaluate for yourself and ask, “are there real obvious and clear benefits to seeing more patients and leaving the billing to URS Billing Services”? Call today and receive a free, no obligation analysis of your practice.