How to Increase the Value of Your Practice, by Managing Director, Richard L. Tamburello

Increase the Value of Your Practice
In today’s economy many physicians are fearful of seeing the value of their practices evaporate. Two primary reasons are stagnate and declining insurance reimbursements.  Other reasons include uncertainty with respect to federal tax policies, mandatory insurance coverage, higher employee payroll taxes, etc.  These can all have a direct effect on valuing your medical practice.
If you were to draw two lines on a graph, one showing gross revenues the other employee costs, the two will likely show trends of moving closer or worse, intersecting, hence impacting cash flow, your bottom-line and the value of your practice.  In past years, the area between the two was likely much greater.
Medical practices should consider and evaluate the financial benefits of contracting with a proven medical billing service organization.  This is the best way to effectively manage and control most billing and collection related costs.  URS Billing Services, LLC has the proven method of ensuring the area between revenues and billing costs never intersect, resulting in improvement in cash flow and profitability. URS takes great pride in servicing its clients medical billing needs and making sure financial goals are met each for each reporting period.