Credentialing – Time Consuming, Detailed and Necessary by Richard Tamburello, Managing Director, URS Billing Services, LLC

URS has been credentialing physicians and practices since 2004.  The staff has developed a comprehensive and effective methodology for ensuring all requested insurance providers are correctly credentialed and contracted.  URS also reviews and completes the CAQH application process. CAQH requires significant amounts of personal and professional data such as the physician’s curricula vitae, medical school diplomas, dates, state and federal licenses and personal references.
Most physicians seeking help completing the credentialing process might have just begun practicing or have transferred to a different practice or might practice medicine under 2 different Federal Tax numbers.  Many practices seek assistance with credentialing because of time and personnel constraints. URS is also capable of assisting physicians and practices with negotiating reimbursement schedules. 

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