5 Tips to Improve your Medical Practice's Billing and Collections

"Efficient billing and collections processes are critical components of a successful and profitable medical practice. Yet most practices leave between 5 percent and 30 percent of their reimbursement on the table because they lack proper processes, staffing, training or technology. Industry experts say the first 80 percent of payments are relatively easy to collect. It's the next 20 percent that are harder to obtain and more expensive to collect. Follow these recommendations and regain control of your billing operations..."

1. Verification of benefits and patient registration
It is increasingly important to verify a patient's benefits prior to the date of service. It can decrease the cost of collections, minimize the risk of writing off a balance and significantly improve your cash flow. This is also an opportunity to address outstanding balances and co-pays.

Now, explain how you make this a priority or reasons you are having difficulty completing this task!


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