Common Misconceptions: Loss of Control

Many of us are in need of control, in some cases desperate. There is a common misconception with using a medical billing service that you need to give up control. Not only is this not the case, but you are actually in more control.

First off, URS Billing Services doesn’t touch any money. This can be your first order of business to cross off your check list. 

Second, because we are professionals in the medical billing field (just like you are professionals in the healthcare field) we are aware of every modifier, diagnosis, chief complaint needed in order to get your claims not only paid but paid at their maximum allowable. 

Last but not least, you are in even more control by using URS Billing Services. How? 

  1. You’re paying for what you get. Let’s look at this from an employee of your office: They are going to get their paycheck regardless if they get a claim paid or not. Sure, they may get a bonus if they get it paid but they can still rely on that weekly paycheck. 
    1. You are not only paying their salary but you’re also paying for their computer, their software, their software updates, their training, their time off, their sick days, their maternity leave...
  2. By using our service you are getting more bang for your buck. By increasing your monthly revenues you have the option to take off time with your family, or maybe use that extra money to open an extra office, what will it be? 
  3. You have full access to your billing representative, no automation system to dial in to, you pick up the phone and ask your representative any question you have about your account. How often do you go to your employee’s desk to ask a question and you find out they’ve called in sick? 
Go ahead and give our office a call today, receive a free A/R Analysis to see how we can help you.

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